The Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper is, as the name suggests, the official Olympic timekeeper in 14 different variations. The timepiece is available in five iconic colors, inspired by the famous Olympic rings.

As Omega will celebrate its 100th anniversary as the official timekeeper in 2032, only 2,032 pieces of each model of the watch were produced. All watches have a diameter of 39.5 mm. They were made of stainless steel and bear an engraved limitation number on the side of the case. For style and optimal skin breathing, all watches in the series have a perforated leather strap.

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Stopwatches served as inspiration

OMEGA stopwatches served as inspiration for the design of the Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper. These were used at the 1976 Olympic Games in Innsbruck and Montreal.


To enable the wearer of the watch to calculate his pulse in beats per minute, the domed dials in black and white are equipped with a colorful heart rate monitor with three closely spaced time intervals of 20 seconds.


Case back with Olympic legacy

The anodized aluminum ring of the Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper frames the Master Chronometer caliber 8800 or 8806 movement with a 55-hour power reserve. The ring is engraved with all the venues and dates of the Olympic Games with Omega participation. The time span ranges from Los Angeles 1932 to Los Angeles 2028.


Additional lined edition as an edition set

The Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper is available as an additional Olympic Games Limited Edition set with the five models in the colors of the Olympic rings in a presentation box. In addition to the watches, the box also contains a miniature bell to ring in the final round. This bell was made in the same Swiss foundry as the real Olympic bells.


On this set, the domed dial with an easy-to-read minute ring and contrasting blackened hands is reminiscent of the OMEGA stopwatches used at the 1948 London Olympics. Also on these dials is a colorful heart rate monitor.


Special highlights of the timepiece

Like the other Omega models, the Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper is equipped with a Co-Axial escapement for long-lasting precision as well as a silicon balance spring for maximum anti-magnetism. The watches are water resistant up to 6 bar (60 meters) and have a shock resistance of up to 5,000 G on the watch head.


All this guarantees the wearer a long life and significantly fewer maintenance intervals.