Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 9

The TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Calibre 9 is a timeless watch that combines style and elegance in one timepiece. This model, unlike the other models in the TAG Heuer Carrera series, does without classic elements of motorsport, but is characterized more by sporty elegance. The Calibre 9 model is available for men, as well as for women, which are then adorned with numerous sparkling diamonds for a stunning appearance. The TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Calibre 9 is a classic timepiece, suitable for those who prefer a stylish chronograph with an understated design.

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Classically elegant design

Unlike the flashy designs of other chronographs in the TAG Heuer Carrera series, the Calibre 9 forgoes the striking details that testify to a love of motorsports. Nevertheless, the timeless chronograph is in no way inferior to its counterparts. With the best materials and the high art of watchmaking, a timepiece has been created that is ideally suited for the sporty gentleman or the active lady. Where gleaming stainless steel meets high-quality sapphire crystal, where traditional watchmaking meets modern design, the result is a timepiece that is second to none. With its fine craftsmanship, the TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Calibre 9 is a durable timepiece that will meet the high demands of its wearer. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and polished stainless steel are best suited to accurately display the time during sporting activities. The ladies' model of the TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Calibre 9 is especially distinguished by its outstanding appearance. As many as 12 Wesselton diamonds adorn the dial of the sporty watch and shine with the owner. TAG Heuer shows that a watch inspired by motorsport can also be a decorative accessory for the modern lady with the feminine model from the Carrera series. Once again, the best watchmaking skills are combined with a sporty design to create a long-lasting chronograph.