Tag Heuer Formula 1

The models of the Formula 1 series from TAG Heuer attract attention. Not only because they are large, the chronographs are also very colorful in design. According to TAG Heuer, the Formula 1 watches are adapted to the special needs of racing drivers. This includes, above all, the lushly dimensioned dial with the large numerals. This is intended to make it easier for Formula 1 drivers to read the time even at high speeds. Those who always live at the limit of what is technically feasible don't seem to think much of understatement. Unlike other watches from the luxury segment, which tend to rely on distinguished restraint, the Formula 1 watches stand out.

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Currently available Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches

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The TAG Heuer Formula 1

There are now more than 27 different Formula 1 models from TAG Heuer. These differ in appearance, material and compilation of functions. Despite this selection, all models are based on the TAG Heuer Formula 1. This brushed stainless steel sports watch uses a battery-powered TAG Heuer quartz movement, which measures the time very accurately with only a few seconds deviation per month. Floating above the black dial are three time hands for hour, minute and seconds. Both hands and the imprinted numerals are designed as a luminous display, which makes it easy to read the time even in the dark.

A successful model becomes a successful series

Due to its robustness and consistent design for sporting activities, TAG Heuer's Formula 1 quickly became a successful model. Over the years, new models were constantly added to the series of luxury watches. The design of the watches basically remained the same, only the look changed from model to model. Some models are colorful eye-catchers, others are more oriented to the discreet look of past models. TAG Heuer has not only remained true to the design of the Formula 1. The designation of the watches also continues to be based on motorsports. Thus, in addition to famous racetracks, legendary racing drivers are also the godfathers for the naming of the Formula 1 watches.

Divers also enjoy Formula 1

Now it would be wrong to limit the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches only to their use in racing. Divers can also benefit from a special feature of the watch. Due to special seals on which the sapphire crystal is mounted, the watch is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters. Not many watches can claim this and it is almost a unique selling point of the Formula 1 watch from TAG Heuer.