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Autavia, the legendary chronograph of racing drivers, finally returned in 2017 as a new edition. The icon of the 60s was highly sought after among enthusiasts and collectors. Now more than 50 years later, the cult watch from TAG Heuer is celebrating its revival. Developed in 1962, the Autavia returns as a neo-retro edition to mark its 55th birthday. The key features that made the first Autavia, such as the rotating bezel, the large azure counters and the black and white contrast for ideal readability, have been preserved. On top of that, the second generation now featured additional functions and the in-house drive. Thus, the cult piece was indeed "revived", but not completely reinvented. The nostalgic charm of the old Autavia has not been lost! This way, TAG Heuer has 100 percent managed to revive the legend in a modern way, but has remained true to its roots.

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TAG Heuer Classics - the Autavia models

In 2016, to avoid taking any chances and disappointing loyal fans with the new edition, the company even launched a social media poll to find out which of the featured 16 vintage models from the first generation would be best received by the public. The model that came out on top in this "The Autavia Cup" campaign was the 1966 2446 Mark 3, which was always worn by Formula 1 racing driver and world champion Jochen Rindt, which is why it got its nickname: "Rindt." This version of the Autavia is best known for its black dial with the three white counters, straight hands and the dash hour markers in polished steel with luminous inserts, as well as the refined bezel. The fact that TAG Heuer thus gave passionate watch lovers the opportunity to actively participate in this innovative heartfelt project shows that the company highly values its customers and their opinions. This was also strategically wise: through such a collaboration, both sides always benefit in the end because the brand learns about the needs of its target group, while the customers get the product they actually want. This meant that the new Autavia generation could be designed exactly as the fans wanted it. But the new Autavia range is not just a revival of the original legend:

The racing orientation has been maintained, but enhanced by contemporary fine mechanics art and completed by the revised characteristic vintage design, which should continue to remind of the exciting and dangerous world of Formula 1 drivers. In this way, your Autavia says, "No matter what happens, no matter how risky it gets. I'll reliably stay by your side, even when things get rough." A faithful companion, in other words, that makes a difference both visually and functionally. Compared to the previous generation, the new Autavia comes in slightly larger with a diameter of 42 mm, as well as a 12-hour bezel, date display at six o'clock and the new manufacture chronograph movement caliber Heuer 02. With its long-lasting automatic winding of 80 hours, water resistance of up to 100 meters and the ambidextrous, fluted bezel made of black aluminum, the watch meets all modern demands of today. In addition, as with the "Rindt", there is the black dial with fluorescent hands and indices made of steel for guaranteed perfect readability. The tone of the fluorescence is even echoed with the stitching of the leather strap - a truly stylish eye-catcher. So, the simple classic design and durability make a TAG Heuer Autavia the ideal powerful everyday companion. The neo-retro style also transforms it into a special eye-catcher that no collection should be without.