Another flagship of the TAG Heuer watch manufacture is the Formula 1 series, which consists of a selection of more than 50 models and can thus offer the right design for every taste. Mechanical calibers and high-quality quartz movements are just as much a standard feature as water resistance to depths of up to 200 meters or the high-quality mix of materials. In addition to stainless steel, first-class aluminum, ceramic or titanium are used. The titanium is partly processed together with graphite to form a coating of titanium carbide, which is considered exceptionally hard and scratch-resistant. The Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph series from TAG Heuer is available in both an impressive men's and a feminine women's version.

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The traditional Swiss brand

The Formula 1 watch series plays a decisive role in the company's history, as it was the first collection and thus crucial to the company's success. The fact that the series has been successful on the German and international market for a long time is not only due to the high-quality materials and their expert workmanship, but also to the constant improvement in terms of technology and progress. The mechanical automatic watches in the collection have the advantage that they wind themselves independently with every movement. Thus, the wearer can know the exact time at any time.

The special features of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph series

What stands out are the positive features such as a unique design and excellent functionality. The high-quality Swiss Made Calibre 16 movement has a quick date correction and is equipped with a power reserve of about 42 hours. The frequency of the balance wheel is 28,800, and the high accuracy is also ensured by the 25 rubies processed inside the movement, making this series something special. A TAG Heuer Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph is therefore not only a faithful and very reliable companion for every day, but can also serve as an investment.