Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

The top model Spirit of Big Bang from the Swiss manufacturer Hublot definitely has a special place, as it is the only collection of the manufacturer that has a barrel shape. Furthermore, it combines old well-known features with new innovations. Screws connecting the bezel to the case of Spirit of Big Bang are visibly highlighted. The highly highlighted bezel, as well as those same screws, create the old familiarity of the Big Bang, which is enhanced and optimized by the sheer extravagance of the Spirit of Big Bang. Basically, the Spirit of Big Bang represents the old and familiar in a new coat. It is therefore suitable for lovers of the classic as well as the modern.

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What makes the Spirit of Big Bang so special?

One special feature of the Spirit of Big Bang is certainly the modified version of the famous El Primero chronograph caliber, which is known to contain the most accurate chronograph ever produced and can measure time intervals to the tenth of a second. For those interested, the Spirit of Big Bang offers moon phase displays, as well as a skeletonized dial. All these delicate small parts are protected by extra strong cases made of titanium, Magic Gold, King Gold or ceramic. Accordingly, stability is also guaranteed for the price and longevity with proper care. The Spirit of Big Bang thus offers all the advantages of various models, coupled with the rustic, but here highly luxurious tonneau shape.

Hublot - Quality through Sensitivity

The Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot is known worldwide for its highly luxurious and perfectly crafted watches, which is also very clear in the case of the Spirit of Big Bang. A keen sense of what a good watch needs has been a hallmark of Hublot since its founding in 1980. Hublot is so highly regarded that the company was the official timekeeper at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The quality of the watches increases at the same time through new innovations, which makes Hublot a company with a future.