Hublot Classic Fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion line is the perfect solution if you find the brand's Big Bang too flashy. The Hublot Classic Fusion watches are much simpler and more elegant, but no less stylish. In an instant, a Hublot Classic Fusion will prove that you have a sense of taste and aesthetics. It does not matter when you wear the watch. The high robustness ensures a long life and the best results.

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Currently available Hublot Classic Fusion watches

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Solid reasons for choosing the Hublot Classic Fusion

There are many reasons why you should choose watches from the Hublot Classic Fusion series. First and foremost, they are luxury sports watches with recognition value. Thanks to the special materials as well as the precise workmanship, you will immediately notice that you are wearing a Hublot. Besides, these are top models which work with tourbillon and minute repeater. On the other hand, the power reserve lasts for a maximum of eight days. Moreover, the design is immediately convincing, as high-quality materials are used. The flat porthole design completes the offer, so the Hublot Classic Fusion will match almost any outfit.

An elegant design

One of the most important features of the Hublot Classic Fusion is its design. The manufacturer pays close attention to a harmonious design, which makes for a real eye-catcher on the wrist. The porthole look is one of the most defining style features of the Hublot brand. In addition, there are various materials, such as gold, titanium, ceramic or natural rubber. The sizes also vary depending on the offer, so you can choose between 33 and 38 millimeters, as well as 42 and 45 millimeters. In this respect, the Hublot Classic Fusion is not only aimed at men, but also at women.

The various functions

Besides the design, it is important to know what the Hublot Classic Fusion can do. Depending on the offer, different options are available. The model as a chronograph offers two subdials as well as a date display. However, there are also offers that display the current moon phase. If you prefer it to be particularly simple, you can opt for the model series from 2012, which does not have a date display, but instead has three hands. The special feature of these watches is the extremely flat design with just 2.9 millimeters. Just take a look at the different variants and you will surely discover a Hublot Classic Fusion that will excite you.

A brief history lesson

You' ve chosen an excellent manufacturer with the Hublot brand, as the label's history dates back to 1980. At that time, the company was founded by Carlo Crocco, a well-known Italian watch designer. Right at the beginning, he developed the now-famous concept of fusion. In other words, Hublot relies on a combination of different materials, such as gold and rubber or ceramic and crocodile leather. The Hublot Classic Fusion series is no different. The different materials are usually used in the case as well as bracelet. In 2004, another person joined the company who would be instrumental in moving it forward: Jean-Claude Biver. He came to Hublot from the watch manufacturer Omega and from then on served as the company's managing director. Just one year after joining, he presented the "Big Bang", one of the brand's most awarded watches. It is therefore not surprising that today Hublot is one of the most famous Swiss watch manufacturers.