Blancpain Villeret

The watch collection is named after the home village of the watch manufacture Villeret. The Villeret watch line perfectly reflects the essence of the Blancpain luxury watch brand. With the Villeret watch line, the brand made a successful comeback in the eighties. Characteristic features of the wristwatch are a stainless steel case with two bulges, plain white dials and a flat design. These virtues are completed by a sophisticated interior. Refined cases framed with a double hoop, clear dials and pure lines embody and honor the timeless elegance of Blancpain Villeret wristwatches. The luxury wristwatches of this watch line are available in different variants and with various bracelets.

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Currently available Blancpain Villeret watches

Blancpain Villeret - stylish luxury watches with a certain something

The watch manufacturer Blancpain continuously reinterprets the models of the Villeret watch line in a modern design. The use of qualitative materials, for example titanium, gold and precious crocodile leather, exceptional power reserves and damage-proof moon phase calendars give the watches their certain something.

Different model variants of the Blancpain Villeret

Currently, the manufacturer offers the Blancpain Villeret in Moonphase, Ultraflach and Ultraplate variants. The Blancpain Villeret Moonphase model is available in five different variants. Four different variants of the successful watch model are offered. The men's wristwatches from the Blancpain Villeret watch line stand for groundbreaking design. The watch manufacturer is continuously working to further enhance the already high-caliber watches.

Information about the watch manufacturer Blancpain

Swiss watch manufacturer Blancpain was founded in Villeret in 1735 and is the world's oldest registered watch brand still in production today. The unique selling point of this luxury watch brand is that not a single quartz watch has been manufactured to this day. All watch models of this manufacturer are equipped with a mechanical clockwork. In addition to men's wristwatches, Blancpain offers a Women collection for delicate wrists. If you are looking for an avant-garde wristwatch full of character and/or want to invest savings safely, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wristwatch at the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Blancpain Villeret.