Frederique Constant Classics

With the Classics collection, Frédérique Constant has developed a watch collection that combines common elements, but allows the greatest possible individual freedom. Thus, the watch can be selected from a variety of combinations. Characteristic of the Classics collection are the Roman numerals and the consistently classic design of the models. Even the materials and the clockworks vary depending on the model. Thus, the Classics collection offers great freedom with a traditional appearance. The Frédérique Constant brand was founded in 1988 and emphasizes timeless elegance. The watches are decorated with loving details and constantly improved by technological innovations. High-quality and precision in design and manufacturing are core elements of the brand. This is controlled by both machines and people, ensuring a high level of quality.

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Currently available Frederique Constant Classics watches

The movements

As with many watches, the first choice of Frédérique Constant is the movement and therefore the heart of the watch. Both quartz and automatic movements are available and offer different advantages. While the quartz movement is equipped with an extremely long-lasting battery, it combines accuracy and price awareness. Without being moved regularly, it can be used for a long time and needs at most a new battery. The automatic movement, on the other hand, should be moved regularly, whether in the watch winder or on the wrist, and may need to be readjusted. However, with over 40 hours of power reserve, the watch offers enough memory. Without a battery, it can be used for decades without any problems.

The case

Produced from stainless steel to meet the highest standards, the collections comes in different variants. Between 28 mm and 40 mm, different sizes are available and represent the variants for ladies and men, respectively. In addition to silver-colored cases, the Classics collection also produces rose and yellow gold-plated models, some of which are even set with diamonds. Also available are special shapes such as the Art Deco in oval or the Carree in rectangular.

The straps

The straps of the watches match and complete their design. While leather bracelets give an elegant look, the metal bracelets appear more sporty. The colorful contrast of the rose gold plating is also reflected on the straps. Here, the main thing is to find your own taste and thus get the appropriate combination. A silver case with a black calfskin strap stands for elegance and can be worn every day, while the combination with a gold-plated case and black strap is more suitable for special occasions.

The dials

The dial represents the face of the watch. Various models are available here with a high-quality porcelain dial, but classic materials are also used. Guilloché, moon phase and chronograph functions are elements that shift depending on the model. While the guilloché and the accompanying openworked hands exude elegance, the open balance wheel allows a glimpse of the heart of the watch and looks rather extravagant. This is the case, for example, in the Heart Beat. Depending on the model, a date display is also included and complements the overall look. The simple choice between black and white dial almost recedes into the background with this complex and large selection, but is also possible.