Frederique Constant Monolithic

Frederique Constant is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and precise timekeeping. With the launch of the Frederique Constant Monolithic Manufacture, Frederique Constant has taken watchmaking to a whole new level. This revolutionary timepiece combines classic watchmaking techniques with high-tech innovations that enable it to tick ten times faster than other mechanical movements. This advanced technology ensures that the watch is extremely accurate and reliable, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs precise timekeeping.

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Frederique Constant Monolithic Oscillator

The Frederique Constant Monolithic is a revolutionary oscillator that takes watchmaking to a whole new level. This unique oscillator, made of silicon to fit conventional movement configurations, was crafted with extreme precision to make luxury affordable for all. Thanks to its small size, this oscillator can be installed as follows in a 40mm case with an opening on the dial that allows everyone to admire its cutting-edge technology. The Frederique Constant Monolithic is the perfect choice for watch lovers looking for a reliable and powerful oscillator without breaking their budget. With this technological advance, Fredrique Constant has redefined what it means to own a luxury watch.

Monolithic - Spring and Balance Combination

Since the introduction of the Frederique Constant Monolithic Oscillator, Frederique Constant has stepped up its efforts to stay at the forefront of the watch industry. The Swiss manufacturer has unveiled its latest innovation: A new combination of balance spring and balance wheel that offers unprecedented accuracy and an astounding 288,000 vibrations per hour.

Frederique Constant's innovative new balance and spring design is capable of achieving a frequency that far exceeds that of a conventional mechanical movement. This is thanks to the monolithic oscillator developed by Frederique Constant, which has two control weights integrated into its flexible structure. By minimizing the size of the oscillator, Frederique Constant has achieved incredible accuracy at unprecedented speeds.

The movements

The Frederique Constant company was founded in 1988. Located in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, near Geneva, the manufacture stands for high-quality luxury watches with a classic and simple design. The brand's watch movements are exclusively manufactured in-house. This is where traditional watchmaking meets technical know-how. Innovative manufacturing processes guarantee that the movement, the casing of the watch, as well as the quality control and the programming of digital data all come from a single source. Thus, the watches meet the highest standards of exquisite materials and excellent workmanship.