Hamilton Khaki Aviation

Hamilton Khaki Aviation is the name of the pilot watch collection of the American watch manufacturer Hamilton. Designed for professional pilots, the watches are considered to be particularly accurate and reliable. Moreover, the collection offers an exceptionally wide range of different styles. Opt for an impressively designed watch, whose design, reminiscent of the fittings in a cockpit, leaves no doubt that it is a first-class pilot's watch. Or opt for a more understated model, with a simple display and traditional manual winding, and an impressive history as a rugged fighter pilot's watch. With fine leather straps or even durable metal bracelets, this extensive watch collection offers fine rugged watches for every taste.

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Currently available Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches

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Hamilton is an American watch manufacturer and accordingly its watch models always bear English names. The word Aviation reminds us that a Hamilton Khaki Aviation is a robust watch designed specifically for pilots. Thus, most models from this noble collection have special functions tailored specifically for aviation, such as a function for crosswind calculation or also the possibility to display two different time zones. So you can always keep an eye on the time at your departure airport as well as at your destination airport - or even check what time it is at home at any time if you want to call your family from a distant country.

Not in khaki

The word Khaki in the name of the Hamilton Khaki Aviation collection may surprise some German viewers after looking at the pictures of the watches because the watches are by no means all designed in the color khaki. However, this is also explained by the origin from the English-speaking world. Khaki is a good camouflage color and is therefore often used for uniforms of armies around the world. Thus, it has become common in English to also refer to the uniforms themselves as khakis. The word khaki in Hamilton Khaki Aviation therefore stands for the military deployment tradition of the watches and is meant to remind us of their particularly great robustness.