Hamilton Khaki Navy

The depths of the sea are subject to enormous pressure, which not everyone can withstand. For the Hamilton Khaki Navy, water pressure of up to an incredible 1,000 meters is no problem. Thanks to innovative coating, the pressure will not be able to damage the watch. But the Hamilton Khaki Navy not only offers practical and useful advantages in and under water - its elegant and graceful design makes it suitable for everyday wear and enhances any outfit. Timeless, stylish and sophisticated.

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Currently available Hamilton Khaki Navy watches

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Quality assured and of lasting value

Inspired by the navy and explicitly designed for style-conscious, quality-seeking underwater explorers, you won't go wrong with the Khaki Navy from Hamilton. Included is the usual exceptional quality of Hamilton watches. This model is among the best diving watches of its kind. Characterized by the precision of Swiss movements, coupled with innovative design and the American spirit, Hamilton watches have stood for legendary quality since 1892. The Khaki Navy from Hamilton in particular can be put together in a myriad of variations. Whether in different colors, the bracelet in stainless steel, rubber or leather, there is a design here for every character.

Confidently push your project

You want to support your project regarding underwater research in high quality, or simply want to be stylish on the road? Be convinced by genuine movement quality from Switzerland. Exceptional quality and customer satisfaction are Hamilton's top priorities. It always has been and it always will be.