Junghans Meister

The Meister line created by Junghans has truly earned its name. Because this watch line has been able to successfully exist for decades and is characterized by the highest technology and design. Wristwatches of the Meister line had their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s. During this period, numerous movements were produced by Junghans in Schramberg. No wonder that in 1956 Junghans became the third largest watch manufacturer of chronometers. A year later, a chronometer was created with the caliber J83. This movement is characterized by a powerful rotor winding, which can be operated in both directions and maintains a power reserve of over 40 hours.

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Currently available Junghans Meister watches

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Watch models of the Meister line

The Meister line includes a variety of models. Almost all watches have a high-precision date display built in, so that with one glance at the piece of jewelry, you can not only read the time, but directly know the current date. Junghans Meister watches like the Meister Chronoscope are characterized by useful functions. Thus, in addition to displaying the date and even the day of the week, the stop function can also be operated. A useful utensil that you can need in everyday life. Watches from the Junghans Meister line are offered with fine leather straps or stainless steel straps with folding clasp. The straps ensure that the overall look is rounded off.

Proven watch line

There are watch manufacturers whose names are known all over the world. They are distinguished by the production of high-precision watches, whose dials are accompanied by unique movements, created by pure handwork, which have the highest accuracy. Such watches are more than simple wristwatches. They are true works of art, captivating by their appearance and the highest precision. Junghans Meister also belongs to this group of wristwatches.

Watch manufacture with a long tradition

Founded by Erhard Junghans in 1861, the company has a long-proven tradition and is one of the most famous watch manufacturers in Germany. As early as the 19th century, products were exported globally and in 1903 the manufactory was considered the largest watch factory in the world. Thus, from 1961, 20,000 watches of all kinds were produced daily and exported to 100 countries. Watches from Junghans like the Junghans Meister are characterized by design expertise and many years of experience of the watchmakers.