Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatik

The Aquaracer series from TAG Heuer stands for the fusion of timeless elegance and sporty looks. Prominent athletes in particular appreciate the classic design of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic so much, as it stands for a modern style, yet luxurious elegance. However, the Aquaracer not only impresses with its high-quality appearance, as a true masterpiece of technology, the Swiss luxury watch also promises a particularly long service life and state-of-the-art functions. Designed not only for lovers of modern watches with elegance, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic is a model from the luxury watch segment that combines high-quality appearance and state-of-the-art functionality in an appealing watch.

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The TAG Heuer was initially designed for water sports enthusiasts who wanted to call a timepiece their own that could withstand high water densities.The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Automatic is water resistant up to 30 bar and can be worn even during longer dives.  Hidden under the robust case made of sturdy polished stainless steel is a functional, waterproof ETA automatic movement. Beneath the high-quality sapphire crystal is the polygon-shaped analog dial, which, thanks to luminous markings on the hands, shows the time accurately even in poor visibility.

Seldom has modernity been so perfectly paired with elegance. The result is a special timepiece that looks good not only on the wrist of water sports enthusiasts. TAG Heuer is a watch manufacturer from Switzerland, which since its founding in 1860 has emerged as one of the most famous manufacturers in the field of luxury watches.

The company has been able to patent numerous modernizations to date, which are now considered standard. As such, TAG Heuer was the first company to offer a stopwatch mechanism in its timepieces. Additionally, for example, the first quartz chronograph with an analog display came from TAG Heuer. Today, the Swiss company based in France produces luxury watches from the higher price segment. Numerous celebrities declare themselves fans of the watch brand, including actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt.