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Portofino stands for the lifestyle of the international jet set and the Mediterranean, relaxed way of life. IWC's Portofino models have been around since the 1970s. The aim was to create a timeless classic model with this watch line. The IWC Portofino is modelled on the Lepine pocket watch, another IWC model series. Portofino has been one of IWC's most successful watch families since 1984, and Portofino IWC stands for good taste, style and self-confident understatement.

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The Dolce Vita

The Portofino luxury watch is named after the former Italian fishing village of Portofino. With its proximity to the large port city of Genoa, the idyllic town on the Golfo del Tigullio has always been the meeting place of the world's high society. All the rich and famous were magically attracted by the Mediterranean flair of the small coastal village. Characteristic of this enchanting place are the terracotta-coloured houses, the picturesque natural harbour and the enchanting silhouette of the place.

Varied and always classically luxurious

The IWC Portofino is available in many different versions. Hand-wound models are particularly classic. IWC succeeded with the luxury watch Portofino a special Clou: The luxury watch must be wound only once weekly. This advantage also applies to the model with large date display. Portofino by IWC is a classic wristwatch that also fits narrow wrists. Less volume and more luxury applies to the narrow 37mm version of the Portofino IWC.The choice of equipment is also luxurious: IWC Portofino luxury watches are available in various red gold and stainless steel variants (e.g. reference IW391021). Models with diamonds on the bezel are particularly striking. Simpler but no less glamorous is a dial with twelve sparkling stones.In 1984 the Portofino of IWC experienced a real hype. Innovative at that time was the moon-phase display, which is also available in the current IWC model series. The Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 shows an imaginative celestial body, which is sometimes accompanied by a classical cloud scenery and sometimes is staged floating in the midst of stars.

Self-confident understatement

All IWC Portofino show taste and style. The exclusive alligator strap underlines the luxury of the watch case. Whether with diamonds or in simple elegance - Portofino is a model series from IWC that lives up to the style of the Schaffhausen brand. IWC has been a renowned Swiss watch brand since 1868. The company is known for its pilot watches. Their unique technology, masculine charm and innovation make these watches particularly sought-after in the aerospace, military and sports sectors. Swiss precision is guaranteed with each of these luxury jewellery pieces. IWC stands for quality, reliability and passion (e.g. reference IW516201). All IWC model series are characterised by their graceful elegance, expressiveness and robust construction. It goes without saying that even prominent wearers such as Vitali Klitschko, Zinedine Zidane or Kevin Spacey are completely convinced by IWC luxury watches.

Committed to the tradition of pilot watches

IWC produced the first watches especially for pilots in 1936. This year marks the beginning of a passionate passion: IWC Schaffhausen has been inconceivable without pilot watches ever since. Characteristic for watches of this period was their instrument look, to which a corresponding size of the case diameter belonged. With 55 millimetres, IWC met this requirement and set new standards in watch design. IWC was one of the official watch suppliers of the Royal Air Force. All models feature a touch of luxury and above all reliable precision.

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