Mido Multifort

The Mido Multifort collection immediately catches the eye with the wavy and thus striped design of the dial. With the exception of the Patrimony sub-collection, it is a common feature of all models in the collection. The day of the week and date display, which can be found next to the three o'clock marker on almost all models, also contributes to the characteristic look of the watch series. Hands narrowing in a strict line, yet ending in a blunt tip, give the Mido Multifort a powerful and technically strong look. The hour markers, whether they are in the form of dashes, arrows or dots, also present themselves as strong and clearly delineated, resulting in a thoroughly powerful appearance for the watch.

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Currently available Mido Multifort watches

Inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Like all of Mido's luxury watches, the Mido Multifort is inspired by a work of architectural art. In its case, the designers chose the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is supposed to represent power and strength. You can see the visual kinship of the watches in the curve of the case and the clear vertical stripes of the dial. As one of the longest and heaviest bridges in the world, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is indeed an impressive symbol of power and strength. However, in Australia, it is also seen as a symbol of modernity and the future. So what could be more fitting than to associate this structure with a modern and powerful timepiece?


The name Multifort also refers to the power of the Mido Multifort's design. It comes from Latin or even Italian and is made up of the prefix multi and the word fors or forte. Multi means much or many, Fors is the Latin word for power and forte is Italian for strong, powerful and, especially in music, loud. So the name Multifort stands for much power or many strengths, for Mulitfort watches have been shockproof, waterproof and anti-magnetic since their beginnings in 1934.