Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic

The Ladies models from Frédérique Constant are in no way inferior to the men's models. With almost the same design and technical details, only the sizes of the watches are adapted. Hence, the experience of the still young brand and its mixture of traditional design combined with state-of-the-art technology is also offered in the ladies' collection. Carefully selected materials support the quality of Frédérique Constant, which is however also interesting for price-conscious buyers.

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Currently available Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic watches

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The case

The Ladies models are narrower respectively smaller models of the men's watches. With a diameter of about 30 mm, they fit the narrower female wrists and are very comfortable for women to wear without being obtrusive. The classic round models are not the only ones available, but also oval and rectangular watches. The situation is similar with the materials used. In addition to silver-colored stainless steel, the models are also available in rose and yellow gold plating, which create a different effect. Stainless steel creates more of a modern and cool effect, while gold-plated watches look more classically elegant and warm. Some models are crowned by the use of diamonds on the case and dial to enhance the feminine appeal. With the Slimline collection, the range also includes extra-flat watches, whose wearing comfort is even more supple and unobtrusive.

The movement

The movements are just as flexible as the design. You can choose between quartz and automatic movements, which offer different advantages and disadvantages. While quartz movements are equipped with long-lasting batteries and a runtime of up to 63 months, automatic movements do not require a battery and are powered by a movement of the wrist. On the other hand, automatic movements need to be constantly moved or readjusted if necessary, whereas battery-powered movements run continuously. With up to 42 hours of power reserve and an ornate movement that can be observed through the dial and an open caseback in some models, automatic watches offer even more advantages.

The dial

If the movement can be called the heart, the dial is the face. From Roman and Arabic numerals to sterile dashes or dots, a wide variety of display versions are available here. This selection is complemented by different colors from silver to brown, which emphasize the respective effect of the model. Partially offset with mother-of-pearl, some dials sparkle with a shiny sheen throughout. Guilloché patterns in the dial create a more classic look that is enhanced by broken hands. Especially the date display, which is provided by a pointer display instead of the usual window display.

The strap

The final touch is the strap of the watch. Once again, it is necessary to make the right choice in a flexible selection. High-quality materials such as alligator or calfskin offer themselves as a leather strap. However, stainless steel bracelets are also available. While leather stands for a classic and elegant look, the stainless steel bracelet provides a professional appearance that can be worn well in professional life. In some cases, the silver-colored stainless steel is interspersed with elements of the case color in rose or yellow gold. This gives the watch models a rounded design.